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Le storie di topo Tobia

Tales of Mouse Tobia
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Susanna Varese

Tales of Mouse Tobia

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Formato: 15x21 cm
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The collection “Tales of Mouse Tobia” includes stories set in the park of “2 Giugno” scholastic complex in Spezia, in which new coexists with historical, because where now various orders of schools rise, used to be the Station of the XXI° Infantry Regiment, that later became a prison and a place of torture for those who opposed the fascist regime. Their painful screams are fortunately replaced today by children’s festive shouts, focused on play.
Here, on a great stone in the shadow of a leafy plane tree, take place lessons, simultaneously to those in the classes of primary school, of teacher owl to an improvised and unique class of animals, very different from each other and, in real life, even enemies, but oddly friends in the magic garden where everything could happen, even
that differences are overcome in the name of friendship and solidarity.
Leader of the group is Mouse Tobia, a likable little mouse who lives in a breach in the ancient walls that enclose school, he loves cars and hides a secret passed down through generations; he is a philosophical and unselfish mouse who always has the right words for everybody.
Often animals’ stories interlace with those of children, without they realize it, but both of them have in common the ability to learn, with their teacher’s help, precious teachings from their experiences.


VARESE SUSANNA, born in Lujan (Argentine) on 11/30/1954 to Italian parents emigrated in South America in the postwar period.
She is a primary school teacher since 1975 and she does this job with great passion. Since 1983 she continuously teaches, in the full-time school “Don A. Mori” (2 Giugno complex) I.S.A. 2, where, thanks to a team of capable and motivated colleagues and the support of an always aware and open to innovations Manager, she has been able to best express her inclinations and where she set all her tales.
She writes for fun tales for children that she uses for educational purposes and they are very well-accepted by her students, also because they are main characters and inspirers of them. She found, among her colleagues, the valuable help of an illustrator, Ruggiero Delvecchio who managed to make her stories much more clear and attractive.
In 2010 she participated in a literary contest in Benabbio, achieving a special highlighting with her tale “On the tracks of fantasy”.

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